Dunya Newspaper 02.11.2021

ESKİŞEHİR - Concentrating on the ceramic industry in autoclave production, Recap Makina aims to be the machine supplier of both Turkey and Europe-based companies.

Metin İleri, General Manager of Recap Makina Mühendislik, said that the main production area of ​​their company, which was founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurial engineers to manufacture machinery, is autoclaves (pressure vessel). Explaining that autoclaves are used in various sectors such as ceramics, aviation, glass, aerated concrete, automotive, rubber, wood, food, medical and textile, İleri shared the following information about the product: “The autoclave applies both heat and pressure to the workload placed inside. There are typically two classes of autoclaves. Those that are pressurized with steam for workloads that can withstand exposure to water, and those that create a heating atmosphere thanks to the circulation of heated air. Companies that produce laminated glass in the glass industry use autoclaves. Medical wastes from hospitals, laboratories and veterinarians, which we call medical waste sterilization, are sterilized in autoclaves and broken down in the crusher unit and left to nature. Likewise, truck and bus tires used in the tire coating industry are renewed by being processed in an autoclave to ensure their second and even third life.”

Target European market for export
Noting that there has been an intense increase in investments in the ceramics industry in recent years, İleri stated that their companies also focused on the industry with autoclave production. Noting that they are producing in an area of ​​approximately 2 thousand square meters in Eskişehir SME OSB, İleri said that they are one of the two companies that produce in autoclave in the region. Expressing that they aim to produce approximately 25 autoclaves with their current capacities annually, İleri said, “Autoclaves have different diameters and lengths. Its diameter varies from 1 meter to 4 meters, and its length can be from 1.5 meters to 40 meters. Our goal is to produce 25 autoclaves per year without separating the sector,” he said.

Indicating that they export to England and India, and that their main target market is Europe, İleri said, “We want to announce the name of our company in the foreign market as well as in the domestic market. Our first priority here is Europe. We want to be the machinery supplier of European-based companies and expand our market there. Again, the American continent is a big market for us," he said.

“We aim to reduce dependency on abroad”
Mentioning that as a company, they aim to reduce foreign dependency in the machinery manufacturing they produce, Metin İleri said: “There are not many autoclave manufacturers in Turkey. Instead of buying from Europe or America, we want to produce it in Turkey and export it to other countries. In addition, in order to minimize foreign dependency, we aspire to manufacture machinery and equipment that are not available in Turkey but will meet seasonal needs on a sectoral basis. We have a young and dynamic staff that can produce this. We have determined our basic motto to focus on the future. Our aim is to be one of the leading companies in the autoclave industry both in Eskişehir and Turkey.”

Source: https://www.dunya.com/sehirler/recap-makina-otoklav-uretiminde-rotayi-seramige-cevirdi-haberi-638426

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